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SRP & Deep Cleaning

Kiss Gum Disease Goodbye with Deep Cleaning at White Plains Family Dental Arts

Scaling and Root Planing better know as SRP is a Deep Cleaning procedure that helps gums stay healthy

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Camey LeandroCamey Leandro
21:28 14 Aug 23
Great service with an emergency chipped tooth in the same day💕
16:44 20 Jun 23
Jim HundertmarkJim Hundertmark
15:14 01 Jun 23
Wonderful dental cleaning! Nuvia is the best!
Marian MartinMarian Martin
19:20 23 May 23
Charles BoyceCharles Boyce
12:56 19 May 23
As always a great dental experience, preventive care

Have you noticed sore, bleeding, or loose gums lately? If so, you may have periodontal disease, also known as gum disease. The good news is that with deep cleaning or scaling and root planing, gum disease can be stopped in its tracks before it leads to bone loss or tooth loss.

At White Plains Family Dental Arts, our experienced dental hygienists use special instruments to remove hardened plaque below the gumline, where regular brushing and flossing cannot reach. This prevents bacteria and infection from spreading throughout your gums and body, helping you maintain excellent oral and overall health.

If you’re at risk of gum disease due to factors such as a family history, inconsistent oral hygiene habits, or long lapses in dental visits, we can help. Our team will make sure you’re comfortable throughout your visit, and we can use topical numbing gel and local anesthetic to ensure your deep cleaning is as pain-free as possible.

After your deep cleaning, we may recommend supportive antibiotic therapy or dental lasers to further prevent gum disease from returning. Routine visits every three to four months and proper at-home oral care can also help you maintain healthy gums and prevent gum disease from coming back.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – if you’re experiencing warning signs of gum disease, such as bad breath, sore or bleeding gums, or loose teeth, schedule a deep cleaning appointment at White Plains Family Dental Arts today. Our team is here to help you achieve a healthy, confident smile.

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