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Gum Disease

Gum disease can be a painful and frustrating condition to deal with.

White Plains Family Dental Arts is here to help!

With our expert team and advanced techniques, we can effectively treat gum disease and provide you with the education and tools you need to prevent it from returning.

Gums shouldn't bleed. Don't wait any longer to address your oral health.
Camey LeandroCamey Leandro
21:28 14 Aug 23
Great service with an emergency chipped tooth in the same day💕
16:44 20 Jun 23
Jim HundertmarkJim Hundertmark
15:14 01 Jun 23
Wonderful dental cleaning! Nuvia is the best!
Marian MartinMarian Martin
19:20 23 May 23
Charles BoyceCharles Boyce
12:56 19 May 23
As always a great dental experience, preventive care

Say Goodbye to Gum Disease with White Plains Family Dental Arts!

Are you tired of dealing with bleeding and swollen gums, bad breath, and painful chewing? Gum disease affects millions of Americans and is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults over the age of 35.

The good news is, it’s preventable and treatable!

At White Plains Family Dental Arts, we specialize in treating gum disease, even in advanced cases. Our team of experts, led by periodontist Joseph Aranoff, DDS, uses state-of-the-art techniques such as gentle ultrasonic scaling and non-surgical laser therapy to remove diseased tissue and disinfect the gums.

We don’t just treat the disease

We educate our patients on how to prevent it from coming back. Our doctors will assess the condition of your gums and provide a customized home care plan for you to maintain optimal oral health in between visits.

Don’t delay!

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and say goodbye to gum disease for good.

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